With the Democrats in control of Washington, it’s vital that the Republican minority not only present its own alternatives, but that Americans know full well what those alternatives are. This is especially important now that the Democrats made their first item of business to put a gag on the Republican minority.

This site will serve as a time line for the 111th Congress where you can not only track the key bills acted upon by the Democrat majority but also read about the amendments and alternatives offered by the minority.  Sometimes those Republican alternatives are given mere lip service or not considered at all – so even the most ardent C-SPAN watcher might not catch them!

The site’s chronological breakdown of legislation and votes will give you the complete news that the media doesn’t always report.
If it happens in the U.S. House, my staff and I will make sure you know about it!  Please go to Twitter and sign up for my updates so you can get announcements when something new posts here or on my blog.

-Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-6)

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Published on January 15, 2009 at 7:29 pm  Comments (17)  

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this blog, and for all you do. We were so happy that you were re-elected, and we don’t even live in your state. But you are a true conservative and we support you and wish you strength and courage in the days and months ahead.

    Thank you again for representing Americans so well.

  2. Congresswoman Bachmann:

    As a constituent who lives in your district (St. Cloud) and believes–as you do–in a government that lives within its means, I would like to congratulate you for launching this blog. Keep posting regularly.

    I will place Majority Tracker on my blogroll.

  3. Congresswoman Bachmann-

    I am completely non-political, but what I see taking place in Washington scares me. It is almost impossible to get real information from the mainstream media. The rights of American citizens are being trampled and many don’t even recognize it.

    THANK YOU for helping us Americans sort out the facts.

  4. Thanks so much for providing us with this resource!

  5. Genius. Thank you so much. Technology isn’t about setting up a flickr and twitter page… its about identifying an opportunity to use new resources to change the debate, as you’ve done. This is exactly the kind of vision our RNC candidates need to provide, and I hope you’re there to help them!

  6. Thanks for your voice.Please encourage your Repub friends to hold tight against this bill. It will fail and Repubs along with it. Repubs need to go back to their principles and restore their integrity with the American people who have sense enough to realize this bill is total insanity. It will destroy our ecconomy and our country. I began voting Republican 8 years ago and am beginning to feel like I need to go back to voting Independant.

  7. Congresswoman Bachmann,
    Thank you! This is a wonderful idea and I applaud you for taking the time to maintain this blog. As others have commented above, what is currently happening in Washington is scary and nauseating! The American public can not trust the media to be our watchdogs. It is a very sad state of affairs. With the knowledge I gain off of your blog, I will pick up my pen and write my own representatives and senators letting them know my opinion as a citizen and voter! (even if it is Al Franken, God forbid…)

  8. Michele,

    I am a Bloomington resident and just discovered your site. THANK YOU so much for making this available. We conservatives must stay strong and persistent for the good of this country and for our childrens sake.


  9. Is there a U.S. Senator who has a blog like this keeping track of the majority in the Senate?

  10. Congresswoman Bachamnn, you are a true patriot. Thank you for being the strong conservative you are and for keeping us informed on what is going on in Congress when things are moving so quickly it is hard to keep up with. We need your strong voice supporting our views and we are very fortunate to have you there fighting for our conservative values. Keep up the good work.

  11. Congressman Bachmann,

    You truly are a champion in the House of Reps. I heard you speak passionatetly about how conservatives did not loose the election in 2006 at the 2007 Eagle Forum Collegiate Summit. I admired your speech about pressing foward with the conservative princples that can get this nation on track. The value voters of 2004 have become slack and disappointed in the GOP but it’s time for them to fight against wasteful spending, inceased governement in the progressive liberal agenda that the Democrats are trying to impose on all Americans.

  12. Thank you Ma’am for doing what is right regarding this site. THIS is transparency in government. This is what should have been done all along. I respectfully recommend adding sidebar links on the left side of the page to public forum feedback sites and such .gov sites as you deem appropriate.

    With sincere respect
    Jim Riley USN

  13. Since the Democrats don’t seem willing to take action, perhaps you could use your considerable influence and submit a bill calling for a complete independent investigation of the Bush administration’s lies to the American public in the lead-up to the Iraq War, the authorization for and use of torture of persons detained on the battlefield, the criminal eavesdropping on American citizens’ communications by the NSA, and more. After the first three have been addressed and the appropriate punitive actions taken against Bush administration officials, I’ll have the remaining portions of the list available.

  14. Thank you Rep. Bachmann for serving America. I applaud your perseverance and even though I do not live in the state you represent, I am thankful that there is a conservative voice in Congress that’s fighting for what the people want instead of caving to what a Democratic majority thinks we as a people need. I already have parents. I don’t need Congress trying to play nanny. Thank you for calling Tim Geithner out on the carpet and for your proposed bill to ban global currency. I truly hope this is a short four years and that America can emerge relatively unscathed. Just my two cents.

  15. Thank you for remembering that we actually DO have a Constitution and for trying to remind others in our government that we do.

  16. We love you!

    You are so Beautiful and Intelligent.

    You should push harder on the democrats and prevent them from socializing our nation.

    People may think you are crazy, but I think you are spot on!

  17. Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of real conservatives and for standing your ground. You’re a strong, centered American politician who also happens to be a statesmen(woman) in the true sense of the word (versus the immature, whiny, inarticulate politicians who sound like teenagers.

    Please keep hammering on Speaker Pelosi’s lies and call for her resignation; keep the leftists on the defensive instead of pushing their health care, gun control, and loony ideology from being affective. Please keep asking for evidence that proves the O-presidency is legit; its been my understanding (50+ years) that in order to qualify for the presidency, *both* parents must be naturally-born Americans. It’s *not* about where his birth certificate *originates* from – it should *always* be about what our Constitution states.

    Americans should be constantly reminded by you and like-minded conservatives that our society has become one where people are/becoming *naturally* dishonest and far removed from the values that make our good people *good* which enables us to trust one another. There’s crime and corruption weaving in and out of our government(s); federal and local, employees and elected officials. We need honest, God-fearing leaders, who bring out the best in Americans, and not leaders who look upon us as the enemy (a la Janet Napolitano).

    And finally, let us know when it’s time to march into DC with tar, feathers and pitchforks! ;>

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