Wednesday, June 10: .R. 2410 – Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011

This bill authorizes appropriations for the State Department, the Peace Corps, international activities, international assistance programs, and related agencies.
Possible Concerns:
Pay Raise:
Provides a 23% increase in pay to overseas Foreign Service Officers when Americans are struggling to keep jobs at home
Abortion Advocacy:
Creates an Office for Global Women’s Issues to “coordinate efforts of the United States Government regarding gender integration and women’s empowerment in the United States foreign policy.” It is highly likely that this office will include in its mission the advancement of abortion advocacy abroad
Sexual Orientation Language:
Would require the tracking of discrimination related to sexual orientation in foreign countries based on “actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.”  The bill would also require U.S. diplomatic representatives to encourage foreign governments to reform or repeal laws that criminalize “homosexuality or consensual homosexual conduct, or restricting the enjoyment of fundamental freedoms.”  The language places sexual orientation as a foreign policy priority and focuses on a class of particular individuals rather than crimes committed against any individual.
No UN Reform:
Increases US contributions to the UN by approximately 32% over FY09 levels without requiring any reforms.
Cost to Taxpayers:
The bill authorizes approximately $41 billion in the FY2010 and FY2011 period.  It authorizes approximately $1 billion for FY2012 through FY2014, for a total of approximately $42 billion over a five year period.

PASSED 235-187

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  1. Politics like this make me ashamed to be an America.
    I rejoice that my true home will be with God and his son Jesus Christ. Those who vote in favor of “child murder” and homosexuality will be judged appropriately… and the time is closer than might be thought.

    Thank you for allowing me to express these thoughts with you.

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