Wednesday, February 25: H.R. 1105—Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009

Today, H.R. 1105, the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009, will be considered on the floor, likely under a closed rule.

The Fiscal Year 2009 omnibus totals $410 billion spending bill and includes nine appropriation bills that were not passed by Congress last year (Agriculture, Commerce/State/Justice, Energy and Water, Financial Services, Department of Interior, Labor/HHS, Legislative Branch, Department of State/Foreign Ops, Transportation/HUD).

Funding for these government agencies and programs would increase by $32 billion, or 8.3%, over Fiscal Year 2008 (not including the funds appropriated by the recent “stimulus”). These agencies are currently funded at Fiscal Year 2008 levels through March 6, 2009, by a continuing resolution. In addition to funding for these nine remaining appropriations bills, the bill also includes $100 million for salaries and expenses at the Department of Homeland Security, designated as an “emergency” to avoid budget restraints. Three appropriations bills-Defense, Homeland Security, and Military Construction-VA-were passed and signed into law last year.

Take a look at the table provided by the House Republican Conference that lays out all the numbers and shows the spending increases for these government agencies and programs.

The $32 billion increase represents the largest one-year hike in annual appropriated spending percentage since the Carter administration, with the exception of funding immediately after September 11th. And since many of these programs and agencies received funding in the recent “stimulus,” the combined increase is $301 billion or 80% over Fiscal Year 2008.

This bill contains numerous policy items, spending provisions, and earmarks that appropriates $410 billion to fund nine appropriations bills from March 6, 2009, through September 30, 2009.

(Source: House GOP Conference)


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  1. This nonsense passed. Only one Minnesota Democrat voted NO… Collin Peteson.

    Full roll call here:

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