Friday, February 13: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Conference Report)

Prior to the vote on final passage of this spending bill, Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) brought forth a motion to recommit the conference report back to the conference committee with instructions to:

(1)     accept section 1008 of subtitle A of division B of the Senate amendment (relating to above-the-line deduction for interest on indebtedness with respect to the purchases of certain motor vehicles), and

(2)     accept section 1009 of subtitle A of division B of the Senate amendment (relating to above-the-line deduction for State sales tax and excise tax on the purchase of certain motor vehicles).

Following this vote, the House will vote on final passage of the $787 billion economic “stimulus” package

PASSED 246-183

On final passage of H.R. 1: PASSED – 246-183 – SEE ROLL CALL VOTE

For a more detailed look into what this spending package will cost the American people, check out the summary put together by THE COMMITTEE ON THE BUDGET, REPUBLICAN CAUCUS

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  1. What a staggering day for the Congress, which has recklessly and hastily plunged our country into debt for decades to come. Friday the 13th has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Kleptocracy is now the norm.

  2. I see one person voted present. Who let Obama vote? 🙂

  3. I was a Republican all my life until now. The Republican party in my mind is responsible for this outrages economic mess we are in and you think I am going to even condsider listening to someone like Michele Bachmann who talks out of her elbow.

    It is time to get serious and the only person I have to admitt is President Barack Obama has my trust.

    If he fails, well the Republicans will have my vote back. The truth is. I think the Republicans has lost their way and have nothing to offer but fail policies of the past.

    Maybe twenty years from now the Republicans will have pull their head out of the sand and become the GOP of the past again.

  4. Very glad to see you blogging and twittering, and are posting results! Its time we all take a stand! Make those who are not protecting the contitution accountable, and rewarding those who are protecting the constitution!

    Bunny Ramey

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