Wednesday, January 14: State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

H.R. 2 reauthorizes and significantly expands the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) over four and a half years, places severe restrictions on the expansion of current physician-owned hospitals, and an outright ban on all new hospitals, while increasing cigarette taxes.

REASONS TO OPPOSE: (Courtesy of the Energy and Commerce Republicans)

Since Congress has already reauthorized and fully funded SCHIP through March 31, 2009, we should not allow the Democrats to rush a partisan bill through the legislative process. Instead, we should work in a bipartisan manner to thoughtfully develop a longer-term reauthorization of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

  • It enables illegal aliens to fraudulently enroll in Medicaid and SCHIP.
  • It would create the most regressive tax increase in American history.
  • It taxes the poor to benefit the rich. The bill uses the funding gained from taxing the poor to pay for expanding SCHIP eligibility to higher-income families.
  • It spends billions of dollars to substitute private health insurance coverage with government-run healthcare coverage.
  • It focuses on enrolling higher-income kids instead of low-income, uninsured kids.
  • It increases the number of adults on SCHIP, allowing even more resources to be taken away from low-income, uninsured kids.

For more detailed info on the risks of H.R. 2, check out the Republican Conference website

PASSED: 289-139



The motion would recommit H.R. 2, the Children’s Health Insurance Program reauthorization Act, back to the Energy and Commerce Committee with instructions that the committee report the bill back to the House floor forthwith (i.e. instantaneously) with the following amendment in the form of a substitute. The Republican MTR would, in general, strike all of the text in the underlying bill and replace with a seven year extension of the SCHIP program (i.e. the program would be extended through 2015). By contrast the underlying bill only extends the program for four and a half years.

Other highlights of the Republican MTR:

  • The amendment will reauthorize the SCHIP program through appropriating funds from the general treasury to pay for state shortfalls starting with $3 billion in 2009 and additional allotments with funding levels increasing to $7 billion in 2015.
  • The Republican MTR would NOT include a $72 billion tax increase.
  • The Republican MTR maintains current proof of citizenship requirements.
  • The Republican MTR ends loopholes that allow states to cover families that earn above 300 percent of the federal poverty line.
  • The Republican MTR safeguards the poorest children first by holding states accountable to enrolling low-income children first. States will be required to report to the Secretary of HHS on how they intend to ensure that at least 90% of their children with family incomes under 200% of the federal poverty level before expanding coverage to higher-income families.
  • Grandfathers in current SCHIP-enrolled children.

Due to the arbitrary nature of the Democrats’ PAYGO rules and the elimination of the “promptly” Motion to Recommit for the Minority –the Republican MTR is offset through tax-timing shifts of corporate estimated tax payments. It increases the payments due for the third quarter of 2013 by 19 percentage points.

The Republican MTR increases the payment due for the third quarter of 2018 by 30 percentage points. The payment due for the fourth quarter of 2018 would be reduced accordingly so that corporations pay no net increase in estimating payments for the calendar year.

FAILED: 179-247

See Roll Call Vote


Rep. Tom Price (R-GA & Chairman of the Republican Study Committee) has introduced, H.R.464, the More Children, More Choices Act. The legislation meets SCHIP’s original intent – extending health care to poor children – while providing tax credits for the purchase of personal health insurance for children from low-to-middle income families.

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